The Kangal Dog. The Ultimate Kangal Dog Manual. Kangal dog by Matthew Burston

Otter Hound (Comprehensive Owner's Guide) by Juliette Cunliffe

A Farmer and His Dog by Adam Henson

Physical Therapy and Massage for the Dog by Julia Robertson,Andy Mead

All about Agility by Jacqueline O'Neil

Dogs Allowed To Be Dogs : A Plain English Approach for the by Peter S. Willmott

Toy Manchester Training Secrets: by Mark Mendoza

Chocolate Labrador Retrievers. Chocolate Labrador Retriever by George Hoppendale,Asia Moore

Maltipoo Complete Owner’s Manual. Maltipoos facts and by Elliott Lang

Lost Souls: FOUND! Inspiring Stories About Boston Terriers, by Kyla Duffy,Lowrey Mumford