Future Transformations: The Undiluted Truth by John O'Loughlin

By John O'Loughlin

This quantity of philosophy, combining aphorisms with essays and dialogues, is going manner past the scope of John O’Loughlin’s previous philosophical works in outlining what he contends to be the logical levels of evolution past guy that have to be undergone prior to definitive salvation might be accomplished in a transcendent target of evolution ... analogous to Teilhard de Chardin's ‘Omega element’ or, for that subject, to Bunyan’s ‘Celestial City’. it is easy to say that he has tried to concretize Nietzschean notions bearing on man's ‘overcoming’ ... in appreciate of a projection of particular post-human phases of resulting lifestyles. Hitherto, whilst he wrote approximately extra complicated phases of lifestyles it was once ordinarily in the scope and definition of guy. right here, in contrast, the attainment to a extra synthetic level of evolution is, ipso facto, chronologically past guy and hence implicitly post-human, if no longer supra-human. Such used to be the progressive holiday together with his previous Huxley-inspired frame of mind which happened within the Spring of 1982, and it really is, we think, of momentous importance! Henceforth Mr O’Loughlin’s philosophical job used to be principally to be a refinement upon and amendment of contentions defined the following. evidently, within the decades that experience handed considering the fact that then, a number of alterations, a few of them particularly drastic, have happened in his total evolutionary viewpoint. however the beginnings of his mature philosophical oeuvre are to be stumbled on the following, in destiny variations, and it was once from this time onwards that he started to develop in what he loves to reflect on as a kind of messianic self-awareness, commensurate with a solitary future. - A Centretruths editorial.

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