The Body in Pain: The Making and Unmaking of the World by Elaine Scarry

By Elaine Scarry

half philosophical meditation, half cultural critique, The physique in Pain is a profoundly unique learn that has already stirred pleasure in quite a lot of highbrow circles. The e-book is an research of actual agony and its relation to the various vocabularies and cultural forces--literary, political, philosophical, scientific, religious--that confront it.

Elaine Scarry bases her examine on quite a lot of resources: literature and paintings, scientific case histories, files on torture compiled by means of Amnesty foreign, felony transcripts of non-public harm trials, and armed forces and strategic writings via such figures as Clausewitz, Churchill, Liddell Hart, and Kissinger, She weaves those into her dialogue with an eloquence, humanity, and perception that bear in mind the writings of Hannah Arendt and Jean-Paul Sartre.

Scarry starts with the very fact of pain's inexpressibility. not just is actual ache greatly tricky to explain in words--confronted with it, Virginia Woolf as soon as famous, "language runs dry"--it additionally actively destroys language, decreasing victims within the so much severe situations to an inarticulate country of cries and moans. Scarry analyzes the political ramifications of intentionally inflicted soreness, particularly within the situations of torture and conflict, and exhibits find out how to be fictive. From those activities of "unmaking" Scarry turns eventually to the activities of "making"--the examples of creative and cultural production that paintings opposed to soreness and the debased makes use of which are made from it. tough and creative, The physique in Pain is landmark paintings that delivers to spark common debate.

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